After our victory, we will create again


Hi, my name is Darina Krasnovecka. I'm from Ukraine. I am 13 years old, and I am a Ukrainian singer. I presented Ukraine at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. Unfortunately for all Ukrainians, the war has made adjustments to our lives. And most importantly, this war has brought a lot of grief: someone was left homeless, and someone left loved ones. We had to flee our own country. And many Ukrainians have lost their jobs. Therefore, for us, singers and songwriters, the help from the Creators for Ukraine Foundation was very important, and I want to say: thank you for your help because it's really important. I sincerely believe that after our victory, we will create again, and our song will be heard by all the world.


Darina Krasnovetska is a Ukrainian singer, songwriter, representative of the Ukraine at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018, member of NGO UACRR